How to Identify Predators on the Sex Offender Registry in Your Neighborhood

No family wants to unwittingly buy a property next to a registered sex offender – there's enough stress raising kids. Whether you are buying a new house or just want to be more aware of threats in your neighborhood, this article is for you. We connect you to a sex offender registry tool and offer 3 more ways to keep your children safe.

Why isn’t checking the location of registered sex offenders enough? To put it simply: The internet.

A sex offender down the street may never see your child, let alone hurt them. However, a sex offender hundreds of miles away could abuse your child easily through screen time.

How to Use the Sex Offender Registry

Every registered sex offender’s name goes into a data base. Family Watch Dog created a sex offender map that allows you to search by zip code to identify locations of registered sex offenders and crimes they committed. You can access that database here.

Now that you know how to access the sex offender registry, let’s look at 3 more ways you can keep your kids safe from registered sex offenders and sex offenders who haven’t gotten caught yet, online or off.

3 Additional Ways to Keep your Kids Safe

Be your child’s sex educator

There are so many roles we hand to others when it comes to raising our children. We may not be able to teach them algebra, but we HAVE to be the ones teaching them about sexual health.

Break away from the “birds and the bees” talk and introduce the topic in small chunks over time. Not sure how to open up that conversation? Defend Innocence has created excellent guides for parents that you can find here.

A child who understands body boundaries and what is inappropriate of others to ask of them is a better protected child.