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SUBJECT: Friendly Middle Eastern Gov/US NGO Humanitarian Evacuation Operation


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: US Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF), and various other organizations jointly conducted Operation Chivalrous Knight (OCK) with a friendly Middle Eastern government from 17 AUG 21 - Present. Operation Chivalrous Knight was initially a rescue and evacuation operation to recover children and high-risk Afghans from Kabul in order to protect them from retribution killing, slavery, and exploitation. As of present, Operation Chivalrous Knight has successfully evacuated 5000+ Afghans; 2000 of those are children and 400+ of those are orphaned children. The first part of Operation Chivalrous Knight has concluded as it appears Kabul is no longer accessible, and the Coalition Forces have left Hamid Karzai International Airfield (HKIA). 


Despite the success of the first half of OCK, all participating parties need support to successfully complete the mission. The NCPTF does not have the charter, nor core competency to place refugees. What is needed now are organizations with Refugee Relocation Systems (the logistics and administration of documenting and relocating refugees). 


We need help in finding other entities that can provide Refugee Relocation Systems for these refugees. Paramount is support from ANY Non-Governmental Organizations that can ensure mission success for Operation Chivalrous Knight by helping us with the identification of long-term placement locations, movement of refugees to these locations, and facilitation/navigation of immigration laws in the host countries of these long-term refugees' facilities are what is most needed. Please help us get these refugees to a safe and stable environment! 


For those of you who are able to connect the NCPTF with Refugee Relocation Systems, please fill out the Afghanistan Refugee Resettlement Assistance Form linked here

  • What is the National Child Protection Task Force?
    The National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded to address the intersecting problem areas of child exploitation, missing persons, and human trafficking. Our goal is two-fold: 1) we provide cyber investigative assistance to law enforcement to locate, recover, and restore victims and 2) assist in identifying, apprehending, and prosecuting the criminals involved.
  • Where is the NCPTF located?
    We are headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas USA. However, we are an all-volunteer organization that has participants across the globe.
  • How did the NCPTF become involved in the rescue and resettlement efforts of Afghan refugees?
    It is the mission of the NCPTF to aid any agency, domestic or international, with time-sensitive matters of human trafficking and child exploitation. We were notified, along with other non-profit organizations, about a large number of orphaned and refugee children who were at imminent risk of harm. Based on our expertise in biometrics, we were contacted to assist with the documentation of said children after they were removed from Kabul. We also provided OSINT collection and assistance with other non-governmental organizations to assist in the extraction of Afghan refugees.
  • I am trying to find my friends/family/loved ones who are in Afghanistan.  Can the NCPTF help?
    The NCPTF does not currently have a way to locate anyone in Afghanistan.
  • Is the NCPTF currently assisting in the evacuation efforts of Afghans from Kabul?
    No. Due to the increasingly volatile situation, we can no longer assist in evacuations without posing significant danger to refugees and our volunteers. Our current efforts are directed towards finding refugee resettlement systems to help the 5000+ Afghan children, women, and high-risk individuals that were successfully evacuated.
  • What are refugee resettlement systems?
    Resettlement is the transfer of refugees from an asylum country to another country that has agreed to admit them and ultimately grant them permanent residence. Refugee resettlement systems are organizations structured to provide refugees with immigration legal advice, visa assistance, translation services, housing, employment, and other essential services.
  • How can I help the NCPTF in its efforts to relocate Afghan refugees?
    If you are a member of a non-governmental organization that provides refugee resettlement services, or are closely connected with individuals who provide such services, please fill out the NCPTF Afghanistan Refugee Resettlement Assistance Form linked here. If you are a member of state or local government and your district can assist any number of refugees, we request you also fill out the NCPTF Afghanistan Refugee Resettlement Assistance Form linked here.
  • I am interested in adopting a child from Afghanistan. Should I reach out to the NCPTF?
    We’ve received an outpouring of offers to adopt refugee children that have been orphaned or displaced as a result of violence in Afghanistan. However, there are very strict regulations regarding adoption of children from foreign countries and the NCPTF cannot assist in such endeavors.
  • Is there a way for me to financially contribute to the resettlement efforts?
    The NCPTF does not have the infrastructure to resettle refugees directly. The NCPTF previously solicited donations to cover costs for travel for both refugees and our volunteers; we are using those funds to continue with our supporting role while we search for a safe haven for the refugees. The best way to assist Afghans at this juncture is to help them find a new home and connect them with the services previously described. If you do wish to donate to the NCPTF, you can do so at All monetary donations will go to our general fund, where we will continue to support our volunteers overseas and our investigations in finding missing, exploited, and trafficked children within the United States.
  • I am with a media outlet and I would like to conduct an interview with the NCPTF regarding its mission and its efforts in Afghanistan – whom should I contact?
    Please email regarding all media appearances.
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